Editing the logo and replace slider by dedicated pictures (not blog sites)

Dear support team,

I’m using the activello theme, but have some basic questions:

  • Where can I reduce the area with the logo - it seems that this area is given with a fixed range size?
  • I want to use sliders, but don’t want to see it as a link to the different blog-sub-sites. I want to have seperate pictures which are part of my media file database.

Thanks for your feedback in advance


Sorry, when I read it, it wasn’t precise enough.
Is there any option to take static pictures for the slider instead of the featured pictures pictures from a post?
I tried to write some “fake” posts with featured pictures, just to use the pictures. But when I just save a post and not show it public, I cannot chose the new category within the slider options.
Is there any other way?

Hi there

Hope you are having a good day and thank you for your question :slight_smile:

  1. logo - can i see your site? the logo does not have a predefined size
  2. Sorry but this is not possible, in this case when you want to use custom images you have to find the third party plugin

Colorlib Support Team


thanks for your support.
1 - ok, I included a 400 x 200 sized logo now. But I tested it as well with a smaller size. My aim is to have it much smaller (like 200 x 50 px). Is there any css I can change for?
My website is www[dot]knipslog[dot]de
2 - yes, I looked for a third party plug in and it works.


Good evening

Still, 1. logo – can i see your site? the logo does not have a predefined size


my website is www[dot]knipslog[dot]de


Good morning Milan

Your original logo that is uploaded on the site is 250*50px:

and is displayed without resizing on the site, if you want bigger logo just use bigger image


yes, you’re right. Finally I cropped the logo in a way to fit to the site.
But my aim is it to have a smaller one. But if I put a smaller one, it will be stretched.
And this, you can image, looks quite bad…

Best regards

Good evening milan

Ok, i can help you with this, add smaller image you want and then i will try to fit it with css without resize


I tried it again with different logo sizes, but didn’t faced the issue again.
Now it seems working. By whatever reasons it stucked the last days.
Sorry for the circumstances and thanks for your support.


Good morning

Thats is great :slight_smile:
Dear Milan i will close this case now, feel free to open a new ticket