Education Pro - Genesis framework, Footer width

Hello there everyone!! a pleasure to meet you all

My name is Aug88, I am a complete noob when it comes to wordpress or any web development whatsoever, just to be honest in that fact.

I come here with a question. I have a business website setup by someone who I havent been able to reach in months and he finished my website more or less by 80%, Now i am trying to sort stuff out myself, but in all honesty it’s not my cup of tea dna i’m pulling my hair out, especially because i cannot afford to hire someone at the moment

the site in question is when you scroll way down to the footer you see OPENINGSTIJDEN, but its long and stretches,in weird ways, in all honesty the entire front page looks a bit unprofessional and i have no idea how to edit it. the former theme that was used was also based on the genesis framework i believe.

I added a image of the actual layout, I am trying to archieve, IF this is even possible in the Educational Pro theme

I hope someone can help me out on how to fix this and to get my website in a decent working order, if you have any instructions or whatsoever I am happy to follow them

brest regards


Hey there

Aug88 thank you for kind words but i have not so good, we support only our themes and since you don’t have our theme installed you have to contact theme author which is Studiopress in this case, they must provide support for your theme