Eliminate Title and center products

Hello, I´m creating and e-commerce with Shapely, I would like to eliminate the title of the page “Tienda”,
I´m also trying to center all the content of the page as the products.
How could I solve those problems?
Here is my url: doowco.com
Thank you for your attention.

Also I don´t know why in the header appears “Archivos:” if page’s name is “Tienda”.
How could I repair that?
Thank you.

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  1. Kindly add and save the following code to Appearance > Customize > Additional CSS:
/*remove title*/
h2.woocommerce-loop-product__title {
    display: none !important;
  1. The page is an product archive page - you can do this by following the instructions here: WooCommerce - how to change Product Archive title - YouTube
    Or you can remove it all together if you wish as well.

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