Embedded Instagram Posts

I’m not sure if it’s possible in the Activello theme but I would like to remove the details in an embedded Instagram Post.

For example, if you visit my webpage at https://www.resistthemundane.com/where-to-go-stargazing-near-los-angeles/, you’ll see I have embedded Instagram Posts via the Custom HTML tool in Wordpress. It doesn’t display the instagram captions which is good. But it still displays the “View More on Instagram” and everything below it…the Heart icon, Comment icon, how many Likes, etc etc.

I have seen on other website where those do not display. It only shows the Image and the IG profile name along the top of the image.

Is this a setting in the Theme that can be adjusted?

Thank You,

Hello Patti

I understand your problem but im afraid this is not possible, content is loaded in the IFrame where we cant catch up it by css code :slight_smile: