Embedding of mail adresses


I tried to embed different mail addresses on my website.
As you can see on my screenshot I ‘hid’ two mail addresses behind the word ‘Mail’. Another one I just put in as plain text: [email protected].
While I can write a mail to the later one by clicking on it, I cannot do so for the other two addresses. I get the notification that I cannot access those mail addresses on the server.
I can imagine this is because the addresses are not owned by the server. [email protected] is not either and it still works though. Is there a reason why I can do it for one and not the others? Is it possible to make it work for all of them?



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You can use the following plugin to find and replace the generated output with what you’d like.

Simply view the page source, find the [email protected] and replace it with a mailto link.

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thanks for your answer, but I think there is a misunderstanding. I do not want to hide [email protected] behind a ‘Mail’ button.
I would much rather like to be able to send a mail to the addresses behind the already available ‘Mail’ buttons. This is currently not possible - see attached screenshot.

Do you understand my struggle?

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So to be clear, you want to be able to send an email with having to display your email address on the website?

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I embedded a mail address for each of the two employees behind the ‘button’ “Mail”. The problem is that I cannot send a mail to those addresses, but displays the above error instead.
My question was if there is a way to make it work, or if I will not be able to send a mail to those embedded mail addresses. I built another website using Illdy, where I did the exact same thing and it worked. On this website, my mail program opens to send a mail to the embedded mail addresses when I click on “Mail”.

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