Empty footer in illdy


Thanks for a great theme, but I think I messed up somewhere, the footersection is just a big empty space, and I cant set a max height for it in my child theme.

so its just a huge block of nothing after the contact-section, is there a way to make that section smaller or dissapear?

I allredy tried max-height in a child-theme to shrink it and visibility:hidden but none of that worked.



Can you please provide website live provide the website live preview so I can have a closer look and provide you a solution?

If anything, you should try this CSS to hide the footer:

footer .container { display: none; }

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the link to the site is http://www.under.gsbinteraktion.se/

I allready tried to hide the footer like that but it didnt work

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Sorry for the late reply, I checked your website and saw that it has been solved, the footer is not a big empty space.

Thank you


I actually have the same problem, my footer appears normally when Im logged in, and when im logged out, it appears to be blank.

how come?