Entry Text not editable on home page


I saw on a few other threads that other people are also having issues since the new Wordpress update has been released. I can’t seem to edit the entry text on all of the sections on the front page. I have also tried to deactivate all my plugins like I saw you mentioned to other people, but that did not work either.

Do you possibly have a solution yet or does the Illdy theme have an update yet?

Thanks so much for all your help so far :slight_smile:

Oh wait, when I returned to my page where I tried to edit the entry text, it looked like it loaded my text formatting options. So it seems to work now, after waiting a bit.

Now it doesn’t seem to work anymore :frowning:

Please help! I just need to edit the Projects Entry text and Team Entry text.

I have managed to change the Jumbotron Entry text.

Having the same issue… Any idea on how to resolve this?

I have managed to edit the text in editor. Go to Appearance > Editor> and search for the correct .php file, for example:
front-page services OR
front-page-team ETC.
There is one for every section.

Then search for the wording inside and edit the wording in there. To find the correct wording easier, Press Ctrl and F and type the wording, for example “Meet the team” and it will show you where it is in the text. Then just replace it with your wording. Hope this helps!

Thank you! I will give this a try