Error in Uploading

I purchased the theme “COZA STORE” a few days ago but now when I am trying to upload it on WordPress

, an error is recurring.
Please look into it if you can do something.
It shows " the zip doesn’t have style.css stylesheet"

Hi there

You guys are trying to upload HTML template into WordPress themes, it will not work for sure

But then what to do?

Please help me with that

Hi there

It’s an HTML template, there is nothing to do, its impossible to use an HTML template in the WordPress themes, but you may use it as an HTML template, without WordPress

And how to customize it according to my needs? I need this for freelancing and need to complete it asap. Please help


Well, you can work with it just like with any other HTML templates, HTML Tutorial

if you ever worked with html templates then its veery easy to edit it

It is not a big issue at all that can’t be resolved. simply upload the theme with proper instructions and then see the results.

Im going to close this case for now