Error “You do not have sufficient permissions to access this page”

Hi Aigars,
I want to put an image background, but everytime I go to Custom Background under Theme options, I get this error “You do not have sufficient permissions to access this page”. May I know how can I able to assign image as my background. Thanks in advance.

This issue could happen if you are using outdated theme version. Make sure you have the latest Travelify version installed. Should be 1.3.1
If you still getting these issues and haven’t done any customization to this theme then it’s can’t be related to theme and you have to dig deeper into your WordPress installation and server setup.

Thanks Aigars, I’ll check if the theme is outdated and will let you know.

I am also having his same trouble adding a Custom background. It is not showing as an option under Appearances, but i located it in theme options but it is saying I don’t have “sufficient permissions” – I just downloaded the most recent update as of 9 Sept 2013. Any suggestions?

This can happen due to many reasons:

  • You don’t have WordPress administrator privileges.
  • You don’t have proper administrator privileges
  • You don’t have proper permissions set to your WordPress files/folders
  • Other

Just look around on WordPress support forum. There are many discussion around this subject:

Unfortunately, this has nothing to do with theme but with your WordPress or server setup unless, of course, you haven’t modified some theme files.