Excerpt on Homepage and All Categories

Hello! I am loving the Newspaper X Theme, but I had two questions about the static homepage that I couldn’t find answers to elsewhere on the forums:

  1. How do I have the posts in “Newspaper X: Post Layout C” and “Newspaper X: Post Layout D” widgets display the Post Excerpt and not the first few lines of the post content? All of the posts have excerpts added, but they’re not displaying.

  2. Is there a way to have the Post Layout widgets display “All Posts” instead of just the posts from one specific category?

My site is http://www.filmmisery.com

Thanks for your help!

Hey there

  1. have you tried to use read more tag in the blog post? if no then please try it
  2. No, sorry but this is how widget works

Neither of those solutions worked, but I did find fixes for anyone else who might be needing it:

For the Newspaper post Widgets to display the excerpt, go to the Editor (or connect via FTP) and select inc > libraries > widgets > widget-newspaper-x-posts-c.php > layouts > default.php

The find “get_the_content()” on line 58 and change to “get_the_excerpt()”

You can do this for the other newspaper posts widgets as well.

  1. The work-around for this was to create a category called “All” and then make it the parent category for every other category that I want displayed.

Hope that helps people!

Hi there

@filmmisery thank you for sharing solution, thank you