Excerpts HELP - Category Pages


I was wondering if someone could please help, I am very new to Wordpress and have very basic knowledge.

The other week I managed to add Excerpts to my posts, I thought this had worked and it had for the front homepage.

However, When I click on a ‘category’ sub page the article’s are in full and do not contain Excerpts. Is there anyway I can change it so my sub Category pages also only show Excerpts rather than full post?


Any help here appreciated.

What did you do in order to get excerpts in front page?

There is a very simple thing that you need to to in order to add excerpts in front page (blog) and archive pages such as tags, categories, monthly archive and other.

  1. Open content.php file which you can find in Sparkling theme folder.
  2. Now replace

<?php the_content(); ?>


<?php the_excerpt(); ?>

That’s it. No plugins, no multiple file editing or anything else very complicated.

Changed can be done via Child Theme as well.


It’s terrible I know but I can’t even remember what I did, I was looking at many videos/tutorials.

However with your help it is all now sorted, thank you!

I went to the content page and it had this:
<?php if( is_home() ){ the_excerpt(); }else{ the_content(); } ?>

I then just changed to the_excerpt and left the code in just in case I ever wanted to change.

Thanks Again,