Extra Jumbotron button

Hello !

First of all, I think that yours is one of the best and most beatifull free thems I ever seen… congratulations!

I had many problems because I´m doing a site in portuguese (http://www.querobarco.com.br), but I can do it…

Anyway, I need an extra button on header, aligned with the other native two… can you help me with that?

Thanks in advance…

Hello Juan,

Thank you very much for the kind words.

Unfortunately, adding an extra button to the jumbotron would require some level of custom coding that falls short to the support scope.

If you are comfortable doing that coding, I can point out that the file that handles this can be found in the theme folder on the server > sections > front-page-bottom-header.php

Hopefully this will get you forward with the setup.


Thank yu very much for the answer!

Can imagine it will certainly be something complicated, but I really need that button. Could you orient me a little bit …?

I have a child theme working perfect…

Hello Juan,

It shouldn’t be that complicated.

You just need to place the button syntax after the endif at line 36 and input something like this:

<br/><br/><a href="URLHERE" title="" class="header-button-one">Your text here</a>

Change the class header-button-one to header-button-two if you want the other style.


From now and ever you´re my hero. Take a look: http://www.querobarco.com.br/

Thanks a lot!!!

Hello Juan,

I’m very glad that you got everything alright.

Have a great day!