Extra titles?

Forgive me as a newbie to Wordpress and to the Unite theme.

I set up my home page with the title “Welcome All!” Then I created another page called “Software”

However, the “Welcome All” title still shows up on the Software Page.

This is a new site and not yet developed, but you are free to take a look if you like, at rogersresource.com

Any idea what is going on and how I can fix it?

OK, I don’t see a way to delete my post and no solution has been offered. I have looked on the site for support by the company and cannot find any, so in the interest of keeping my project moving on I am moving to another theme. Please ignore the post as it will not look the same as it did in my link when you see it.

Hi @phenomenix,

Extremely sorry for the delay here.

Please advise if you need any further assistance from us.

Have a fantastic day!