Facing problems regarding menus


I love this theme. I am facing a problem regarding dropdowns on menus.

Here’s my website’s link:- http://digitalviame.com/

In menu settngs, I have customized a link “Make Money Online” and linked it with a post. Under “Make Money Online”, I have a dropdown of “Wealthy Affiliate” as a sub=item.

While I am clicking “Make Money Online”, the link is not opening. It opens in other themes. The link which opens in other themes when I click “Make Money Online” is this. http://digitalviame.com/how-to-make-money-online-legitimately

Please reply and solve my problem. hope you get what I am trying to say.

This theme uses Bootstrap NavWalker but only with different design. If they decide to support top level menus when dropdown is used then I will update Sparkling theme as well, otherwise there is no easy way around this.

Thank you so much for your reply. Okay, if there is no easy way out, what should be my next step. WHat do you mean by updating sparkling theme? Do I need to buy premium. If yes, then share me a link.

Thank you

There is no premium version currently available for this theme. I have already included so many things that nothing is left for premium :slight_smile:

I will update nav menus only if guys behind Bootstrap NavWalker will decide to update their script. Otherwise I have no interest in developing custom solution for theme which is completely free to use for everyone.


I have a problem with the drop down menu.
I have created a page, and under this pages there are subpages.
I would like to see this structure as a navigation menu.
When I create a menu using the option ‘Add Menu’ it uses the standard WP menu system and all the options (pages) are on one level without any dropdown function.
I hope I explain myself right, and I am probably doing something wrong. Could you please help me?