Failed to install theme

Hi, i just bought a theme and i wonder how to install on my bluehost… i tried to upload the theme and failed, please give me some insights on how to install this theme i bought from colorlib. The theme name is unwind

Hi there

Sorry, but its an HTML template, not a WordPress theme, so, that’s the reason why you cant install in WordPress themes


is it possible for me to exchange the item with a WordPress theme?


Sorry, but there is no WordPress version of this template, we have only free WordPress themes


@colorlibsupport URGENT:

Dear Team,

Unfortunately you don’t answer theme support-related questions, which is necessary for getting a refund. it is absolutely mandatory, to have a service which is available for the refunds.

I would like to get another contact where I can receive my money back asap. You need to have other options, where people can really reach your company otherwise it seems very intransparent.

Thank you, I expect news soon.