Fashe Cart,Slider and other

I purchase the one theme license for the fashe Shopify theme. (
Order #188861

I’m currently using it for a Shopify store https://www.sayyesgirl.com/
But I have 3 technical issue for the theme if you can assist me.

  1. On desktop view, the black circle icon shows the number of products in the cart is perfectly placed together with the cart bag icon
    but on mobile view, its displaced. attached are images ‘1.png’ and ’ 2.png’ that explain what I mean.

  2. The Instagram feed images are not aligned horizontally currently. Attached is image ‘3.png’ that explain what I mean.

  3. I discover that on mobile view the images on the Sliders are not responsive.

  4. The cart icon is not clickable on mobile and products show twice on the cart on the desktop too.

  5. When adding a product to cart is not visible until the page is refresh

And this is a bit urgent and will really appreciate it if i can get a response to my questions.


Hello Theo

thank you for using Fashe
I just sent your ticket to our developers team :slight_smile:

Thanks Noda

Do let me know… How best the developers can assist me on this.

Thank you too

there were some problems in the theme and our dev will take them all together, including your ticket :slight_smile:

Thanks Again.
Please let me know if you need access to the store?

Indeed, would be good if you post access details privately, if our developer needs :slight_smile:

login: [email protected]

Above is the login details

You have been really amazing so and i do appreciate the help.
This quite urgent and if you can help push my ticket as priority it will be very helpful.

Thank you :slight_smile:

I should be the one saying thank you

I’m having the same issues with the cart. can someone look in to mine please Noda.

Most people are accessing my site via mobile and add to cart but nobody can purchase.


Guys please bookmark this ticket and don’t post inside, increasing amount of replies in the ticket makes it difficult to understand and focus, so, anyone interesting in resolution just bookmark this page

Hello Noda.
I know I’m not supposed to reply here again not to make the ticket difficult to understand and I’m sorry.
I’m just following up as my ticket is almost going for two weeks.
And my client is worried and I don’t what to tell her.

Please do you know what time this can be fixed and I don’t mind paying to fast things up
Please advice

Note: the login details to my shop was changed due to update and below are the correct login details
login:[email protected]

Above is the login details


Hello theojet

No problem buddy,
to be honest, i can’t say when exactly or how :frowning: what I know for sure is that question is reported and our team accepted this and problem is in the to-do list,

Hey Noda,

I’ve been trying to add the new slider with image and the recommended size there is 1920*570 and when I designed the image with the recommended size and updated the new slider the slider is shown like this as the screenshot attached here. So I request you to please provide a perfect dimensions/resolution for the setting of New Image as slider as the recommended size is not working.

@shahzadmusawwir8 show me link to the page

Hey Noda

Here is the link to the website where the slider image is not working properly www.sparklingselections.com

Hey Noda, can you please provide the resolution quickly


please add this css:

.item-slick1 {
background-size: contain;

and for other images you have on the slider you have to make them 1980*570px
please note, this ticket is not about slider, many customers posted here and not it becomes too complicate to get what happened here, so if you have further questions please open new ticket

Thanks @noda. Can you please tell me how do I create a new ticket next time. As I searched the website but I couldn’t find a way to create a new ticket.

Good evening

At the bottom of any forum you will find blank form, just fill it and submit, that’s it :slight_smile: