Fashe - Change Hover State Colors

Hi! I’m currently using Fashe theme and I’m having an issue with changing the button colors and button hover colors. I’ve searched through the code and customizer and could not find anything. Do you know where can I change it? Also how do I change the color of the badges “New” on Product Details Page.

Fashe Version 1.0.0

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Please provide url and reference to the button you want to change the color

Hi Noda,
I’m new to this and I’m so sorry for hijack this post. I can’t seem to find the spot where i can post my own question. I’ve the same issue as this user and was hoping you can show me where do i need to put the coding that you’ve shared on this post?


Thank you so much and I appreciate your help!

https://sufficion.myshopify.com/ password: drahlu
Every button on every page has a red hover state color. I can’t find the button hover color anywhere. On the home page there’s a CTA on the main carousel. On the collection page, there’s a add to Bag button on the product tiles.


I am having the same issue. Are you able to please assist?

My preview URL is https://9fif47hxg8ll9qqz-26180321326.shopifypreview.com

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I have a similar problem with the changing colors of the theme.

I would like to change the background color of buttons and TOP BAR. It’s now #e65540 but there’s no way to change it.

Also, I have another problem with the typography. Although it’s changed in the theme settings section, it doesn’t seem to change the titles and other elements.

Would you be so kind as to tell me which files I could make these changes to? Thank you very much.

The URL of my shop is https://http-micielitolindo-es.myshopify.com/ and the password: xaobam

It seems that you were able to fix this issue, can you tell how you fixed it please?