Fashe Colour Swatches

Hi there,

The colour swatches for products I have loaded into shopify aren’t displaying correcting in this theme. ie. Lavender just shows as white.

Does this theme allow for custom colour swatches etc?



hey there

Please always include a link to your website in the question, let me check it


I can’t send a link as the site isn’t live yet but I have attached a screenshot of what I’m talking about.

As you can see the blush colour on the colour swatch is just appearing as white. Instead of the colour swatches just appearing as a plain colour or as white, I’d like to place thumbnails there, say 50px x 50px for the colour swatches and I’m wondering if the template has that capability or will I have to code it in?


Hello Smk

Sorry, i want to see this problem in action, website url is necessary for this case