Fashe error

shopify team response

Can somebody help me ?

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What was the original issue with the theme?

Could you please provide a link to your website so that I can inspect it?

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Website page: http://gymmaniastore.com
Usually (not every time) the theme doesn’t load at all.

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The problems i see on ths screenshot clearly says that some files can not be loaded from the server, it generates 404 page error and this is server related, also, the most important thing on the screenshot, you have a problem with the app “hurrify” and not with the theme :wink:

I need to add the Search Bar in the header section of the Fashe Shopify template so that it can be visible to the users. One more thing is how can I make the thumbnail of the image of the product clickable instead of just clicking on the title the customers can click on the product image shown and check the product.


hi there

shahzadmusawwir8 if such option is not in the theme then without customization of the template this is not possible to achieve