Fashe questions - Shopify

Hi guys I have a few questions. I have Fashe version 1 for Shopify. Where do I get the new version? I found a version on github but it gave me this error when i uploaded "Liquid syntax error (sections/blog.liquid line 9): Expected end_of_string but found colon in “article in blogs[section.settings.blog].articles: limit 3"”

-I cant seem to find the code to change the button hover color. Now it’s red but i need it blue.

-Also, is there a way to not show the item number in the collection section, or maybe even get rid of the section name too: https://www.bonitaformal.com/collections

-When you click on add to cart when an item is sold out, it shows a weird message instead of just the button saying sold out. https://www.bonitaformal.com/collections/active-wear

-Is there a way to make the contact form centered after removing the map? https://www.bonitaformal.com/pages/contact-us

Thank you!

Also, on mobile, when i add something to the card it shows a one but says the cart is empty and wont let me check out.