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Hi! My cart on mobile view doesn’t update whenever a new product has been added. I still need to refresh the page to see the update on the cart icon. And is there any way i can make the cart update automatically every time the quantity changes without having to click the Update Cart button? Is there any code i can use to achieve that? I also want to change the Product page layout by using the owl carousel instead of the slick dots but i don’t know how. I’d appreciate it a lot if someone here can help me. Thanks in advance.

Hello @zing,

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We are aware of the bug in the cart icon so we are working on a fix for that which will released soon. As it goes for using the owl carousel instead of the slick dots, this will require you to add a substantial amount of code to change that so I would recommend having a third party developer add those changes. You can find one here:

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I see. Thanks a lot for the reply and suggestion. I’m looking forward to that fix. :slight_smile:

And another thing related to cart, I was able to add a “Remove” button to the header cart and header cart mobile (working fine), however if i add it on the cart page below the product title, whenever i click it, nothing happens. I still need to manually refresh the page to see the item being removed.

This is the code that i tried adding:
<button type=“button” onclick=“cart.remove(’{{ item.variant_id }}’);” title=“Remove” class=“btn btn-danger btn-xs”>



Is there anything wrong with the code? Sorry my coding skills are still newbie level.
What i want to happen is for it to be automatically removed after clicking the button without having to refresh the page. Same with the quantity, i want it to automatically update when clicking the + and - sign without having to click the update cart button.


Adding a remove button would require more php and javascript to be added to the theme. This would not just be a visual change so it would fall outside of the realm of support that we can offer as the changes need to be made on the front end and back-end of the theme.

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Happy New Year! Any update on the mobile cart icon bug?

Happy New Year,

We are still working on this along with other updates for the theme. I am sorry that it is taking so long but our developers need time to fix this properly.


Hi there wasn’t sure where to post this. I wanted some guidance on a couple of issues/changes with the Fashe theme.
My site is www.lushbeautyshop.co.nz

  1. The Cart shows halfway on Mobile view, and you need to scroll across to see all of it? It also doesnt auto update the quantity in mobile as it does in Desktop?
  2. How do i make my product view 4 in a row on desktop and 2 rows on mobile?
  3. The Collection sliders, how can i make it auto slide or scroll between the products?
  4. In the menu i dont see a drop down arrow to show sub menu available, also i don’t see any 3rd level sub menus after adding them?

My site is live but due to some of these issues i may end up loosing sales. Thanks so much.


Hello @zimmiboy,

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Please create a new post for these issues as we want to ensure that the topics are not interlaced with different issues.

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Thanks but i cant even find a place to open a post?


you can see the form at the bottom of this page: