Fashe Theme Colorlib Help!

Hello Everyone,

I was hoping if someone can please help me with the following issue with this theme? Thank you so much in advance for anyone’s reply and I really appreciate it.

My URL is mamaxsauce.com

  1. For pages that are not part of the Theme Settings pages is there any way to change the top image? It is currently black.
  2. We’ve changed the name from About Us to Our Story. But as you can see the top image is set to be red but it is not implementing that.
  3. Newsletter Pop Up - We actually have Mailchimp and want to use their pop-up. We’ve disabled the pop-up option but that completely shut down Mailchimp Pop-Up also. Any solution to this?
  4. Cart - I’ve selected ENABLE ORDER NOTES but it is not showing up.
  5. Collection Pages - I can’t seem to get the filter to work. I keep getting the Liquid error: invalid integer under categories.
  6. Product Page - not sure why but the description is right under the product name. Also, it supposes to show the Saved Amount but it is not doing that.
  7. Under Theme Setting what do I use to set this style of layout in the Theme > Sections > Add sections area? I tried all of them and none give me this option. Or is it the collection tab but with the product image in different sizes?

A big Thank you to anyone willing to help me with this!