Fashe Theme - Help

Hi all,

A couple of questions below.

I’m trying to add a grid type collection to the homepage of my website to show all the latest products. When I add in a new section > collection > selected collection it shows the collection name (shop the latest) as a link as below screenshot. Does anyone have a way of removing this? Using the Fashe theme.

I also would like to make all the product images in the grid (as below) a uniform size without resizing them all manually, can this be done?

Where I scroll over a product and it brings up ‘add to cart’, can this be removed so they just click the image and it takes them through to the product page?

Website is ashwillplug.co.uk

Any help is much appreciated.

Hi there

I cant see the same on your website: Screenshot by Lightshot
Looks like you managed to fix it?



No, I haven’t made that element live yet due to this issue.



Ok, we can hide it by the custom css, so, make it live and I will generate the code for you