Fashe Theme Mobile Cart Empty

Hello, I am having a similar issue to some others in that upon adding something to cart on mobile using the fashe theme, the cart icon updates to reflect the number of items in the cart but upon clicking the icon, the cart is empty. Refreshing the page remedies this issue but not all buyers would take this extra step.

My store is: https://www.karmastyles.com

Is there some way in which to have it where on mobile only, the cart icon simply redirects to the checkout page?

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Hope you are having a good day and thank you for your question :slight_smile:

This seems like a minor bug in the theme. I’m going to notify the dev on the same for further fixing.

Your patience is highly appreciated.

Colorlib Support Team

Hi Mike, thank you for letting the dev team know about this issue. Would this mean I would have to wait until the next version of the theme?

If so, in the meantime, could you assist in helping figure out a workaround? Where in the mobile version, clicking the cart would redirect the user to the cart page rather than have the popup appear?

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This problem is already reported, we are waiting for the fix, unfortunately, I can’t offer any hotfix or workaround for this problem at this moment :frowning:

Sorry for this inconvenience

I am having the exact same issue for both of my stores. Do you have a time frame when this will be fixed? The carting and checking out process is the most important part of a customer’s user experience, and can cause loss of sales when there’s an issue such as the one the OP outlined. I noticed another post where someone else had the same issue and that was back in Nov. 2019. Hoping this will be fixed soon because other than this issue, it’s a great theme!

Hi Runwayromance

Sorry, unfortunately, it’s not yet resolved, we are still under the same situation :frowning:
Sorry, for this inconvenience

Has there been any word? I’m having the same issues. In fact nothing with my shopping cart is working at all.

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im so sorry, but we are still on the same point :frowning:

Hi there. I just launched my online store and I’m having the same cart issues as everyone was back in July but only on mobile version. Is there any update on when this might be fixed?

Sorry but not yet, please take our apologies, but we are preparing all our templates for big changes and this problem will also be fixed