Hello, I’ve been having a problem with my newly installed theme Fashe for shopify. First of the zip file i downloaded couldn’t be used, i had to extract the fashe.zip file out. My product pages only show the name and pictures, if anyone could help me out it would be awesome.


Hi there,
Thanks for reaching out.
In relation to your query here, please send us a link to a sample product so that we can check if there are any discrepancies in the view.

I look forward to your reply.
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Here is one

Hey there

This page is asking for a password, can you share it in private post?

use checkmark “Set as private reply” under the reply box

Hey, my Fashe theme is bugging out so it doesn’t work with password. I just deactivated the whole thing.


Well its up t you but im sure that was not theme issue,
anyway, feel free to contact us again

Hi, I’m still having problems with my product description:


Hi there

Looks like checking several things in the backend is necessary, please send me your access credentials along with your website URL and I will investigate this case. Don’t forget to mark your reply as private! Thanks!
Colorlib Support Team

Hey! Is it possible if you give me your email and i make an admin account for you?

Actually, i just made a new account for you. [email protected] and password is Piotrman69!
You need to log in from Piotrman.com/admin

Feel free to do whatever you want with the theme as the current outlay is just a sketch, you can even reinstall or delete.

did you see it?

Hi there

yes, i see the problem,
Unfortunately i was not able to resolve it and i’ve redirected this problem to our developer teams

Hey, have you gotten any answer? And when downloading the fashe theme, is it supposed to be extracted and only use the fashe.zip not all the other files?


Sorry but not yet :frowning:
Yes, you have it correctly installed now

Hey, any updates?

Hi there

Sorry for the delay :frowning:
your problem is raised to our developer teams, you can check the ticket here:

Hey Noda,

I have been trying to add the Google Ads Remarketing Code on to the Shopify website and I tried adding it to the Checkout Additional Scripts and even in the theme.liquid but the code is still not activated. Please help me out as I am unable to track the Conversions through Google Ads.

Hi shahzadmusawwir8

Sorry but your question requires customization because its not related to the theme options, you need someone who has experience with the Shopify theme development,