fault with tabs and colour


I’m hoping you can help. I’m using the Dazzling theme and having some issues with settings suddenly no working correctly.

The main issue is with my tabs colours. I set the background colour of my tabs and the selected/hover colour. It all appeared as I wanted it to for months, then suddenly, the selected/hover colour changed to grey, even though the setting was still set up to the correct colour.
I tried resetting all the colours and saving the changes, but it made no difference.

Now the background colour has also changed to grey. My logo/image has also vanished, and I’m finding little glitches, like text and images having moved position.

I think there is a fault but I have no idea what to do!


Hey there,
I hope you’re doing well today

First, please provide me with the URL for you website so I can look into the Issue for you.

Second, Have any changes been made to the site recently, For example updates, applying an SSL, plugin updated, etc.
Let me know.

Best Regards,