Feature image size

I know the size of featured image on single post page is 1170px X 550px, any chance I can change that to 1280*720?

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Hi @dailysurprises

I hope you are well today and thank you for your question.

You can try achieving this by using the custom plugin solution posted in the following topic.


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I already did that, nothing is changed… Am I doing anything wrong?

I already activated the plug- in and cleared cache as well, my website is www.dailysurprises.co.uk.

The latest posts images are set to be 1170px X 550px which wont change, I know. But the previous posts at the bottom of the page, everything start with ‘15minsHome Food’. they all have been cropped, their original size are 1280*720


Did you install Regenerate Thumbnails plugin ( Regenerate Thumbnails – WordPress plugin | WordPress.org ) ? After you install it please regenerate all the featured images.

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No, Regenerate Thumbnails plugin is changing original image size. I do not want that. I just want to keep the original image size as it is and stop Activello crop it into 1170*550


The Regenerate Thumbnails plugin will overwrite the old thumbnail of Activello in the new one - like you set it up in the plugin Movin gave to you. Just give it a try. Keep me posted!

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