Feature Image

My feature image is not showing. It was showing prior to switching to Travelify. The feature image will not show on a page or blog post.

I will also add, they are showing on the blog page, however the placement is not to the left of the text as in the demo page.

Please refer to Theme documentation “10.How to set up Blog Page”

If you are still getting problems with that please report it back.

Thank you! I actually looked at these instructions first hoping to solve the issue. Here is the blog post http://jaetaft.com/being-a-leader/. I resized this photo to 230 x 230 and went through the steps of adding the feature image again.

It is still not showing correctly on the actually blog page and the post. I upgraded to to WP 3.7.1 recently. Can you think of any other reason my images are not showing and correctly.

I have spent many, many hours searching for a theme for my daughter’s blog and this one seems to be a really good option for her. I am becoming very frustrated not being able to figure this out. Her image is not showing on the About page either. Should this be a certain size too? http://jaetaft.com/about-jae/

Thank you in advance.

I can clearly see from your website source that you haven’t followed instructions. You are not using “Blog Image Medium” blog template.

Unfortunately, featured image won’t show up in the actual post unless you add it in the post separately as regular image.

That is too bad the , featured image won’t show up in the actual post unless you add it in the post separately as regular image. Do you think this will change any time soon?

When I have my blog page template set to medium. Please advise what else I need to do.

thank you

I don’t have a plans to release this as feature unless users will request this options. Right now you are first between 50,000 other to request this feature.

I don’t know where and how you are stuck with Blog template but I can see that you don’t have it enabled. You just need to select Blog Image Medium template from Page Attributes - Templates and Save changes afterward. There is nothing you can do wrong. It is matter of 2 clicks.

Very detailed instruction on how to get it done is available on theme documentation.

Is there any way I can send you an image of this page? or I would be willing to have you log into my wp account.

I have gone through and looked over #10 on the Theme instructions many times. It is a simple 2 clicks and it still isn’t working.

Blog Page
Page Attributes
Parent- drop down box I have no parent option chosen

Template- drop down box I have blog image medium option chosen.

I have looked at the page in different browsers thinking this may be the issue.


I am really frustrated as I sure you are too.

Would you be willing to login to my account?

I also cannot get the featured image to show up on my about page. Do you think there is a connection?

Please forward your login details to [email protected]. I will look into it tomorrow when I will have more time for that.