Featured Image Above Post Title In Activello Theme

How could I move the featured image above the post title to make it the very first thing seen when browising a page?

This is the site currently: https://eastatlantamillwork.com/
I’m trying to move the featured image to the top in https://eastatlantamillwork.com/test-5/

Thank you very much. This is a beautiful piece of architecture.

Hey there

Im sorry Mykkal, but such thing is not possible without modification of the template files, you need to deal with the single.php file to make such changes


okay so what code do i change?

Hi there

I can’t say which code, customization of the template is upon you, I just pointed you to the right direction, im sorry but we are unable to cover customization character questions

What did I buy a license for if you won’t help me? I didn’t ask you to completely solve the problem but someone there know what lines of code affect that.



License is for removing footer credit, it doesn’t have anything with the support, we provide, maintain themes for free including support if you want to make changes in the theme it’s up to you but unfortunately, we don’t have enough resources to support customization requests, we definitely want to have such option but at this point, this is not possible

Have a great day