Featured image more narrow in one language version


On my blog www.mrbisaggio.com I use Activello theme and Polylang plugin to keep the content bilingual. However, on the homepage, when you switch the language, the English version has much more narrow image than the Polish one (settings of both are identical).

Any ideas what may be the reason and how to solve it?

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How can I switch to the English language? language switcher is not working on the website and I cant check your problem
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Can you try to check now?

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HI @mrbisaggio

i have the same :frowning: even if i remove /pl from the url bar its not working and redirects me to the same page

Hello Noda,

Can you please try again?

If it does not work, please go to http://mrbisaggio.com/travels/ or http://mrbisaggio.com/podroze/ (Polish equivalent) and compare the pictures width.

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Hi Sebastian

thank you for links, now I see the differences on these pages:


Are you using exact same images for these posts?

Hello Noda,

Yes, I use exactly the same pictures. I even tried on the different pictures and you can see that the picture proportions are being changed.

Adding new post also keeps the different size of the images for the new pictures

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While recreating the post page to include the commentaries section I have noticed that when I create the English version using “+” button [translation] in the Polish one, then the featured image remains the same as in Polish version (and it is currently the same), although creating the “not linked” post in both languages and using the same images gives the different picture sizes.

Do you have any idea why is it like that?

hi @mrbisaggio

I think you just found the answer to your question, that is the proper way of creating translation version of your post by the clicking + button, translation posts must be linked to each other