Featured Image not displayed in single post

hi there,

may you can help me out in this issue?
fresh install of travelify on wp 474
featured image not displayed in single post.
what i have to do?

thx & cheers, thorsten

Hey there,
Hope you’re doing well today

That’s weird.

Kindly provide me with a link to your site so that I may have a closer look at this issue that you’re having.

Also, just in case you have any extra plugins on your site, Kindly disable all of your third-party plugins and see if this issue still exists. If it resolves the issue I am going to then ask you to activate the disabled plugins one by one and test the page to see if we can isolate the conflicting plugin if that is the case.

I look forward to your reply :slight_smile:

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ok, all plugins deactivated, same problem exists.
pls check here: https://jompsta.com

thx & cheers !!

Hello there,

I hope you are doing well today.

I have checked the link you have provided and the images appear to be fine on the page.

Please try using the following link to clear your browser cache:

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