Featured image on blog page


Hi, I use the sparkling theme on my blog at www.kollectify.com/blog

A few queries:

I would like to show the featured images aligned to the left of the post excerpt on the blog page, instead of the current way where they sit at the top of the excerpt. How is that possible?

Also, the featured images are not shown in a uniform size. It takes the same size as is uploaded and it looks bit odd to see differently sized images. What is the solution for that?

I would also want to add a banner along with the Header Image. How could that be possible?


Hi Vipin,

I hope you are well today and thank you for your question.

Surely i can help you to achieve this but i visited your shared site URL and found you are using different theme than the Sparkling theme so just want to confirm do you still want to achieve this?

Kind Regards,