Featured image on Front page posts (blog / news) blurry.

This is driving me crazy. If you go here https://atin.tech/news/ and look at the ATIN Learning Center post the image is blurry. This happens with every single image that is loaded as a featured image and displayed on the front page. As you can see all other images across the entire site look perfect. I have tried everything i could possibly think of and i feel like it is something simple i am missing.

After looking at the code of the front page when it loads it’s pulling in a 250x213 image size. I honestly have no idea where that is even coming from.

I have wordpress default thumbnail sizes set as this:

Thumbnail: 400x400
Medium: 500x500
Large 1024x1024

I have no clue where the 250x213 image is coming from and also why illdy is trying to pull that size.

Any thoughts?

<div class="post-image" style="background-image: url('https://www.atin.tech/wp-content/uploads/2019/08/<strong>think-250x213.jpg'</strong>);"></div>
																		<h5><a href="https://www.atin.tech/atin-learning-center/" title="ATIN Learning Center" class="post-title">ATIN Learning Center</a></h5>

Ok. Right after posting this i found this: https://colorlibsupport.com/t/bad-picture-quality-in-news-section/

After adding to child theme all is well now. Not sure why this setting is set this way.

Hey there

Can you confirm you have all right? :slight_smile:
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Thanks for the response. The previous post I posted fixed my issue.

Thanks again.