Featured Image on Posts

Hello Admin,

This is my site http://www.seowonderworld.com/ . The featured images appears on home page it is good but when i see any posts like http://www.seowonderworld.com/top-10-social-bookmarking-sites/ I see featured image on top of the title. I want to remove that. Is it possible to remove it?


Why ain’t the admin answering ugh! I have posted this topic many times never got answered :frowning:

Hi @seowonderworld,

Thank you for your question and sorry for the delay here.

You can hide that featured image on single post page by adding the following CSS code in the Custom CSS option of your theme on the below path.

Admin Area -> Appearance -> Customize -> Dazzling Options -> Other -> Custom CSS

body.single-post .page-header img {
    display: none;

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