Featured Image on WordPRess blog Index.php for Dazzling theme


So I’m completely loving this theme, with one exception: I can’t seem to control the size of featured images on the index (main page). I’ve gone into the functions.php file and reset them to the size I’d prefer (namely, I’d like them to auto-constrain to a height of 150px), but they don’t seem to change size on the actual page.

Any suggestions?


If you change featured image size which is defined like this in functions.php

add_image_size( 'dazzling-featured', 730, 410, true );

These changes doesn’t appear instantly because WordPress doesn’t regenerate thumbnails that are once generated. For that you can use plugin such as this one. All images that you will upload after changes are made will have correct image size and this applies only for existing images.

Let me know if this helps.


Thanks for your reply. So I adjusted the functions.php to constrain 710x250 (and I don’t show featured images on posts themselves, so this seems like it should only affect the way featured images are presented on the index/main page). Unfortunately after yesterday’s somewhat successful constraint of the featured image (I had the functions set 710x150), I adjusted to (710x250), and it doesn’t seem to have constrained the image at all today: http://www.valisemag.com/

Any suggestions?

It doesn’t look that you have run Regenerate thumbnails plugin. If above mentioned plugin didn’t work for you you can give this one a try. Make sure that it doesn’t return any errors.