featured image problem

hi, i have a problem.

I just installed a new fresh wordpress with sparkling theme and when i add a featured image, the image comes on top of the article on the “home/news” page… Instead of within the article… The post is fine until i select a featured image, that’s when it all goes to…

a picture says more than a thousand words


Thanks for your help

You can see the same thing on our demo site: https://colorlib.com/sparkling/

This is how it should be. Featured image are added on top of article and not within article. Within article body you can add regular images and mark them centered, or aligned right or left.

Featured images for this theme should be on top of article, so if you don’t like them, then just avoid using them and use regular image inside article body instead.

Oh, well that was rather unusual…

Is there any way to make the “popular post” or other widgets to use the image from the post itself rather than a featured one?

Because my issue here is to have the pic showed on the widgets.


Unfortunately, it is not possible. This theme is for large images and not thumbnails.

For smaller images you might want to use our other theme: https://colorlib.com/dazzling/

alright thanks.

on another note, the shortcodes… is there any list for the tags? thx