Featured Image Size 750 pixels x 410 pixels - How to Change

First of all I would like to say what a great plugin Sparkling is.

Cropping to the fixed size of 750 x 410 is not ideal for our website because images have differing aspect ratios.

How can the featured image size be set to 750 pixels width but with varying height according to the original image size?

I have noticed that 8 images in total are stored in the uploads folder when a photo is uploaded to the media library. e.g.

1024 x 683; 768 x 512; 750 x 410; 60 x 60; 300 x 200; 150 x 100; 1320 x 880; 1140 x 624

Which image sizes are needed and how can the non-essential images be suppressed?

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In reference to your question here, the theme will resize the images to different sizes depending on the sections the images are rendered. You can find some of the sizes within the file functions.php between lines 63 and 68.

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In the functions file I find the following code:

add_image_size( 'sparkling-featured', 750, 410, true );
		add_image_size( 'sparkling-featured-fullwidth', 1140, 624, true );
		add_image_size( 'tab-small', 60, 60, true ); // Small Thumbnail

If I wish to stop all of these images as well as the others mentioned above, which code should I add to the functions.php file in the sparkling-child folder?

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The featured image sizing to take into consideration here is the 750 by 410 size. You can have this altered and regenerate your images using this plugin (Regenerate Thumbnails – WordPress plugin | WordPress.org). However, please do note that theme alterations/customizations are beyond the scope of our support. I would suggest on seeking services from Envato Studio (https://colorlib.com/out/envatostudio).

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