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I love the look this theme – especially, the featured images on the main page. But even when I use the recommended 1170 x 550 size the image does not format to cover the full width of my screen. You can see from the screen shot attached that there are areas of grey along each side of the image. Is there a different size or a place for me to customize this?


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Have you fried following the steps outlined in the video tutorial? If not I recommend following these simple steps to replicate the home page.

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Thank you for the reply. I followed the video to the T and used the recommended image sized suggested in other threads. I am wondering if there is something else?

After trying a few more things, I am able to have the feature image format properly when using an image larger than 1170 x 550. Can you please advise the correct sizing to keep things streamlined in the future?

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The recommended slider image size is 1920 X 550


I also have a problem with the sizes of images in Activello. If I adjust an image to the recommended size it indeed displays full width on the screen (screenshot 1). But it then automatically shows a cropped version as featured image, in the post as well as on the main page where is shows the summary of the post (screenshot 2). It changes size again as the post drops down the list of recent posts (screenshot 3). Also the thumbnail does not show the part of the picture that I would like to, even though I have adjusted the thumbnail image in the thumbnail settings in the media library.

How can I change this?


I see it only uploaded screenshot 3 due to the file size. I can submit them if needed.

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