Featured slider does't work on different browsers/computers

Awesome theme! I’m only having one issue. The slider does not seem to be working when I view my website from a different computer, or use a different browser. It works on Chrome just for me…but no one else, or on any other browser. I made sure the latest version of flash was installed, and I was using the latest version of the browser. Your help is greatly appreciated! Here is the website: backpackingbachman.com Thanks!

This theme has nothing to do with Flash. Slider is based on JavaScript and it will work on any web browser including mobile.

The problem with your site is that it won’t work on any browser because you have tried to minify everything. Minifying is a good idea but you have done some mistakes in the process and now your website doesn’t even load .js file responsible for slider functions.

Make sure you adjust these settings for the plugin you use for minification. Probably it is some cache plugin.

Btw, it will work for you when you are logged in WordPress dashboard. Try to logout and you will see that slider will stop working. Minification settings are usually disabled for Admins.

I just figured it out…after several hours, lol. It was the W3 Total Cache Plugin–just in case anyone else was having the same issue. Again, awesome theme!

Should have refreshed my browser before I left my last comment…sorry about that. Thanks for the quick and accurate response!