Featured Slider don't works, Fixed High but text box is in the header section...


i have isue with featured slider… my actions was :

1.I made 4 pages , and i get ID’s .
2.I put ID’s into theme_options -> featured slider
3.<div class=“slider-cycle” style=“width: 100%; height: 0px;”> doe’s not have high,

wich i check must be 460px… i updated this into custom css, so i fix it,so slider dot’s was good but the class=“featured-title” is
in my header, and pictures not showing up… I am uploaded your original pictures into slider.

So how to fix it ?
and then i click on featured-title ,how to redirect to other page not in that picture ?

Thank you very much

my email is : [email protected]

HEY FINALY, looks like i was doing mistake , i was adding image into page body, but i was needed to include that images into Featured box :smiley:

OH no , 3 hours wasted :)) OK thank you anyway…In this case i learn more about theme and IT’s cool!


Hey how to do .page-title-wrap ???

i want to know that my page for example : name is “Trainings” and i see h3 title inside my body,but i want that this
h3 title was outside of body… Can you tell how to do this ? Thx a lot

And you a great developer! :slight_smile:

If I understood you correctly you would like to divide your post into sections and h3 title tags would be as separators. This requires some heavy modifications to theme since the entire article div is styled with white background and box-shadow and there is no way to just exclude h3 tags from it. You need to recreate the entire article style to apply styles for only p sections or some other way around it.

Hey, thx for answer… but i was looking into your https://colorlib.com/travelify/category/new-work/

Then i click “New York” — i see then page is opens NEW YORK Is in the left corner just above content… So in my case

i see new york inside white content box,but not above content … So how do you do that you separate it ?

Oh, now I see what you meant by that.

This is archive page for tags, categories, dates and other content types. You can use it by simple adding your tag or category page inside header navigation menu.

If you would like to use it for Page or Post you will have to recreate content loop for those pages.

Thx for answer… Maybe you know how to split posts into diferent pages ? and that if i click on “lessons” page i see only that category posts for that page,and other posts shows ups only in specific category for page.

Does it’s posible ? :slight_smile: thx in advance