Featured Slider - How to change "featured-text" height?


I’m new here… and my enlish isn’t perfect :frowning: … but i’ve got a problem and I need Your help.

I can’t find a option to change the “featured-text” height… there is position, width…
position: absolute;
bottom: 55px;
right: 30px;
width: 35%;

but where I can change heigh? … I don’t want 6 lines of text under featured-title… max 2.

Best regards

Slider height is defined based on amount of content you have added there. By default it uses first 55 words of your text in that box. You can change that by adding excerpt manually via Excerpt widget that you can see when editing Post/Page. If it is not there by default, you can enable it via Screen Options on the upper right corner when editing Post.

OK, thats great :slight_smile: … It’s exactly what I need.

Thank You.

Hi Aigars,

Iam also new here and with the theme.

Can you help me also.
I have two questions in the forum:

How can I take away the word navigation in the menu?
How can I set the footer information below the menu?

Thanks for help.

Best Regards

  1. Add this to Theme Options - Other - Custom CSS to hide “Navigation”
.default-menu {
    display: none;

I am a bit confused about your second question. There is no menu in footer or anywhere close to it. Could you please show me an example or provide with more details. It would be very helpful.

Hello Aigars,
Thanks for helping me.

Here is my questions with prints screens

Tahnks you so much.

  1. You don’t need to add anything directly inside the code. Go to Utseende - Theme Options - Other - Custom CSS. There is a field for custom CSS.

  2. Unfortunately, this requires a heavy modification to the theme and it out of scope of free support. I am available for freelance work, if you are interested.

Hello Aigars,

  1. Ok, I have fixed it.

  2. Y2s, Iam interseted in your frelance work. Can we continue our conversion on e-mail instead?

My e-mail is [email protected]
E-mail me now so I can reply to youir e-mail, so we can fix this.

Job is to do:
I want a widget: for the header, I hope you understand taht. SO I can put the datafeedr there.

Anders Bengtsson

The slider dont appears?
Could you take fast look on my wordpress settings if I send you my usernamne and password to you?

I have done this:

Create Post or Page and add featured image to it.
Go to Theme Options->Featured Slider
Choose how many slides you want to display on front page.
Add all the Post ID that you want to use in the featured slider. Post ID can be found at All Posts table in last column
Choose transition style and other settings at “Slider Options”
Featured Slider will show featured images, Title and excerpt of the respected added post IDs.
The recommended image size is 1018px x 460px.

I have also set picture in posts featured.