Finishing Touches on Style

Dear Colorlib Support,

Was wondering if I could have your assistance on the last few appearance settings on my website. The website is:

Here is what I need:

  1. I used the html code widget to embed a playlist from Spotify under the “Demos” section of my page. I would like both the playlist and the title “Audio” to be centered.

  2. On the same widget mentioned above, “Audio” needs to be white. Can I also make that title as big as the other titles on the page?

  3. If you follow the link that is on the “Read More” button under “About Me” ( it looks like a blog. How do I change the title font color to white? And how do I get rid of the date mentioned below that title?

  4. Lastly, I’d like to get the email address mentioned in the “Contact” section to be a link. How do I accomplish this?

Thank you very much!

Hi Noda,

Can I get a response on this? I saw there was a duplicate for some reason and you closed it.

I posted about some of these things awhile ago, but I had to redo my site after my php file got deleted. Please let me know so I can be done. Thank you!


Hello Rus

First of all, you have to consider this free support is provided for customers who need help in theme related questions or problems, your question is fully customization character rather than support :slight_smile:

  1. where? let me see the screenshot
  2. sorry, i cant see this widget
  3. use this code:

.post-content .entry-content .post-title a {
color: #ffffff;
.page-template .entry-meta {
display: none;
4. try this example:

Thank you Noda, I appreciate your help on customizing my page.

Here are a few screenshots so you can see the widget I mentioned. Please advise at your earliest convenience. Thank you!


One more screenshot…

Good morning Russel

try this code to fix the audio text problem:

#custom_html-3 h2 {
color: white;

Hey Noda,

Thanks for your help as always, this has been great. That did the trick for the audio text color problem. Now, is there any way to center the text as well as the widget itself?

Also, the font color and the background are clashing in a way that makes the font of my site difficult to read. I could just change the background, but it’s really great and so is the font color. Is there a code I can put in to make a background fill color in the body of these widgets? Or alternatively, a background color for just the text (similar to when you highlight something)?

Thank you again.


Good morning Russel

Yes, we can do this :slight_smile:

#custom_html-3 .textwidget.custom-html-widget {
text-align: center;
#custom_html-3 h2 {
text-align: center;

Regarding font and bg images, unfortunately, there is nothing i can do with this Rus, one thing you can do is to make your images a little bit darker, you need photoshop or similar image editing tool to make your photos little bit darker and this will fix your problem with font colors

Perfect! I darkened the picture and re-uploaded and it works. Let me know what you think :slight_smile:

Ok Noda, I think that’s everything! Thank you so much for your help over the last few months.


Good morning Russ

Definitely, it looks much better now :slight_smile:
thank you too and let me know if you need anything else,

sorry I don’t know how to start a new support request so I write here. Really hope you can help me.
I use Shapely for my Wp site
Last week I activated portfolio section via Jetpack as explained in your video tutorial. By mistake I activated a JackPack feature to improve site speed (site accelerator).
After doing that, I noticed that my CSS code was not showing at all (font, icon colours etc) when navigating the site. I turned this feature off and everything seemed back to normal. But over the last days I’ve noticed that, when navigating the site, sometimes CSS style works, sometimes not. I don’t know why this happens and how to fix it. Have you got any clue?
I haven’t made any changes to CSS code, this only thing I can think of is this Jetpack feature I turned on and then off.

Hope you can help me with this!

Silvia open this page and at the bottom, you will see an option for new ticket:

This case is already resolved for author