Fixing a title and Resizing Homepage Video


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I am having two issues.
One, after adding an image to my website where text is on the right, there is now a huge gap (space.PNG). How do I fix that?

The other is one that I have researched on this forum a lot, and it is the video size is huge. Even if I try a smaller video, the player and image shows up badly. Can you tell me how to fix this? If I need to resize the video, what resolution should I export it at that would be friendly? And, any other fixes are appreciated.

Thank you guys so much. I will reply with my login URL for you.

Thank you so very much, here is the URL:

hey there

The first problem can be fixed by this css code:

#shapely_home_parallax-3 .col-sm-5.col-sm-offset-1 {
margin-left: 0px;

p.s. this will fix the problem on the homepage, text appearance on the right side of the image

Sorry, but where is the video on your website? please provide screenshot and url of the page

Hey Noda,

Thank you so much! So, that didn’t fix the issue. Please see my attachment. The vertical space is bad, that just shortened the width.

For the video, please find it on the homepage (videohomepage.PNG), should see a big background with a play button when you first visit. The video is ginormous.

whoops, file too big, there’s the play button attached if you can’t find it

Hey there

Sorry about that, im sorry but I still have trouble to see the problem, the screenshot shows nothing for me, can you please provide a better reference?
VIdeo - this widget is not from Shapely theme, it’s from third-party plugins and I can’t say much about it, have you tried to use Shapely video widget?


Hey Noda,

Thanks again for your help!

I’m not sure if it’s showing differently on your end? Maybe this will help, open up “TooMuchSpaceBad.PNG” and notice how between “About Reid” and “Ever since I was a…” there is too much vertical space. If you scroll down just a little bit on the homepage, you will see “goodspace.PNG” showing the correct / good amount of vertical space. For some reason, the vertical space is too much in TooMuchSpaceBad.png. This is on the homepage.

Re: Video -> I tried to use the Shapely video widget, but it does not have the Play buttons like I’d like (if you play the video now), it has the normal video player functions that I like and a big play button in the middle to start the video and you can volume control, etc. That’s why unless there’s a fix.

Hi Noda,

Any update on this? Thanks so much for your help!

Hi there

Sorry for the delay, your website is not available right now, I can only see coming soon page,
Hymblelove, while posting a problem with the page, can you also provide direct link to the page?

Hey Noda, thank you so much for your reply. I am stressed about this, and you’ve been a great help.
Here is a fresh link:


Well, take a look at this screenshot: Screenshot by Lightshot its general problem, you have extra space above the text, you have to remove it, that’s it

Noda, I am a buffoon. I completely missed that! It’s fixed! Thank you!

As for the video, I know it is not your plugin; I am honestly not sure what plugin it is. I even tried a 720P video, and it’s still huge. Maybe Shapely is forcing the container size? Do you know of any clean way to fix it? I would be so appreciative.


:smiley: :smiley: no problem, such things happen
video - you have several plugins related to the video features, I can’t say which one is this, deactivate them one by one to see which one is this and then contact to their support.
As an alternative, you can use Shapely video widget :slight_smile:

Thanks, Noda! You’re awesome. I’d love to use the Shapely video widget, but it doesn’t have the adjustable play button and volume control like my current video player does. If you click the video you’ll notice all the controls. Although the Shapely video player is cool, it doesn’t have those features I don’t think. It just has the pause/play button at the bottom left. If the volume is too harsh, the user does not have a way to adjust it to my knowledge. And, I like how the video on my homepage has a big play button they can use to play it, I do not see that for Shapely’s. Am I wrong? :frowning:


No, you are not wrong, our video widget is different and it does not have that play button, in this case, you may want to deal with the plugin and then the author of the plugin to fix the problem :slight_smile:


No, you are not wrong, our video widget is different and it does not have that play button, in this case, you may want to deal with the plugin and then the author of the plugin to fix the problem ?

Okay, thanks, Noda! You’re awesome!

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