Flaticon on 'Gymlife' template

Good Afternoon,
I’m testing out your ‘gymlife’ template to see if I can customise templates and get away from web builders.

html and css aren’t and issue overall, but the icons used are from flaticon and i need to changes these. I’ve opened an account (free) and downloaded my collection font from them. After renaming the font ‘flaticon1’, following an example on the web, I added this to the flaticon.css file and put the fonts into the 'fonts’folder but can’t seem to get it working. As can be seen on the first icon ‘award winning coach’ below the hero image.

While working on this template I’ve noticed that it was originally a ‘Wordpress’ site as I’ve come across comments about the using console to make changes. I’m sure when I downloaded it from you site it was tagged as a bootstrap site. Hopefully I won’t have to ditch it as it’s a perfect template from which to work from.

Files attached. I can’t attach the full site so I’m supplying the flaticon.css file for now. You may be able to check my code entry against the original code at the top.

Hey there

Not files, not screenshots are attached to this question, Laurie, please note, this is an HTML template, you can even swap font icons and use your own font face, you can even integrate flaticon fonts from scratch, this is HTML and you re free to do anything, for HTML template you need to have at least beginner experience with work with them

Best regards

Thank You, I have managed to sort this out.

Nice to hear :slight_smile:
I will close this case now, Feel free to contact us again if you have other questions