Font Awesome Icons


I added Font Awesome icons to 2 of my webpages. I got it to work and sized as I want but if I make any further edits to from the Visual Tab and not the Text Tab the code in place for every font icon disappears and is replaced with the code to add in a non-breaking space. " "

How do I get the line of code for all the font awesome icons I have to stay regardless if I edit the page from the Visual Tab or the Text Tab?

The two pages I have the icons are:

An example line of the code I am using is:
<i class=“fa fa-globe fa-5x” aria-hidden=“true” style=“color:#639fcb”></i>


Sorry for the delay here.

Do you still need assistance for it so we can help you?

Hi Movin-

Yes, I still need help with this issue.


It is the issue of WordPress. You can try surrounding that code with div tags but if it doesn’t work then you have to edit the page only from text tab.

Thanks Movin.

I tried the div tags but it still did not work so I’ll simply edit it always from the text tab.

Thanks again.

You are always welcome here :slight_smile: