Font Awesome not displaying

Hi there,

Thanks so much for this awesome theme.

My site ( is not displaying FontAwesome icons, though they were displaying well before. Wordpress preview is displaying the icons.

I haven’t been able to find any topic related to this and I would really appreciate if you could point me out in the right direction.


First start by configuring Easy Bootstrap Shortcodes plugin to not include Font Awesome icons as they are already implemented in theme. You will see option called “Include Font Awesome Icons” via EBS Settings in your WordPress dashboard.

If this doesn’t help try to disable all plugins to make sure if that works. If so, then try to enable one plugin one by one to see which one causes this issue.

Thanks so much Aigars!

I will try the second option since the first one has not worked.

It seems it may be the redirect in place. Not sure why, but they work fine if I type

Why you are using two separate domains for the same exact website without redirecting one to another? You do realize that Google will penalize both your website for duplicate content?

You can use two separate domains but decide with one will remain one and redirect other site to one you want to use. Right now scripts and css files are loaded from different domains and somewhere it doesn’t play well together but I don’t think you should try to debug thing that either way will be penalized by Google if not fixed immediately and properly by creating site-wide redirect.