Font colors / headlines


terrific theme, thanks!

  1. Regarding the headline colors (hover): It doesn’t seem to accept the hover-color. In “Theme Options” I set my colors (Link to #ff19ff och Link:hover to #00dcff) but it still shows it in black/red (see

  2. It doesn’t show the headline of the first article on my homepage. Is that supposed to be so?

  3. How can I change the font color of the sidebar widgets? Find the light gray hard to read and would like to set it darker/black. Tried doing it via custom css but it didn’t take it.

Thanks for your help in advance!

Keep up the good work,

Never mind point 2 - silly me. Wrong post-type.
And never mind point 3 - used the wrong css class in custom css.

Point 1 though - I can’t figure it out. Would like to have my headlines in black (even thought they are linked) but have a different hover color an red.

  1. This options should work as Element on hover but I found that there is one “,” that’s why it doesn’t change color automatically. Will release update shortly which will be available once reviewed by WordPress core team. Sorry about that.

Ah, alright. No problem and thanks for the quick reply!