Font doesn't work/show on other computers

Hi guys, first of all, I wanted to say a big thank you for all of the help you have been providing me with!

I have been changing up the fonts on my site a bit and it seems as though they are not showing up on other computers.
I am using the Google Font “Raleway” - here is the link:
Attached, you will find a screenshot on how the font looks on my PC.

I am aware that those fonts might not show up on Internet Explorer or other browsers but they should be fine in Goolge Chrome? And that is not the case. Also, are there any fonts, that looks similar to Raleway and are supported by the theme and all browsers?

My site is
Thank you for your help!

Hey there

I hope you are well today and thank you for your question.

How did you implement the font exactly?

I recommend you read the following article that shows you how to add google and custom fonts

Let me know if the issue persists after using those methods.

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Thanks for the quick answer!
I implemented it exactly like shown in the link you provided me. (I implemented the code right after the <head> tag in the head.php file).

It seems like my computer is either displaying the font differently than all the other computers I have tried loading my website on OR something is wrong?

I don’t really know how to find out.

Hey there,

I’m inclined to think its the display settings on your computer, assuming you’re using a windows machine you may want to try recalibrating it.

I’ve confirmed that you’re using railway font, that’s what i’m seeing on my screen as well. (see screenshot)

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