Fonts take 30 minutes to update

Why does it take about 30 minutes for fonts to update after I make any changes and push to live? The fonts revert back to plain fonts with white text and then in 30 minutes or so, the formatting kicks in?

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Most probably you are using a caching plugin, usually changes are immediately applied :slight_smile:

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Screen Shot 2021-02-06 at 10.25.48 AM
Yes, I did, however, the problem still exists.

The plugin from your screenshot is not activated, so, it will not affecting anything :

Right, so there must be some other reason that this is happening. Just to give more detail, I am using a staging site and then “push to live” from staging. Do you think something is occurring during the push to live that may be causing it?

I will post an example of the “before and after” to illustrate what I mean about the font styles being delayed when I push an update. I will post the screenshots in a subsequent reply when I have an opportunity to document the time delay, etc. Thanks so much for providing feedback and assistance on this issue I am having.


Well, yes, that’s might be one of the reason as well, most probably your hosting has a built-in caching system as well, please check it too

It’s hard to debug such problems when you don’t see it

I believe it was CLOUDFLARE that was causing it. Once I disabled that from the web hosting portal, everything seems to be updating properly in real time. Thanks for pointing me in that direction !

Nice to hear that :slight_smile:

IM going to close this case now