Footer and Menu problem

Hi Aigars,

  1. I realized that my “popular post” on footer is not in one line now… It was before, but now one photo is another line. How can I fix it to be all one horizontal line?

  2. Also After changed Menu detail, Menu is on left sided and not in center. The style css doesn’t work after changing it. I want them to be in center.

Please help.

My blog :

This will fix problem with popular posts in footer area. If not just reduce width even more.

.col-3 .wpp-list li {
    width: 164px;

Menu alignment was based on first menu ID and of course it will change once you change menu items. Here is code for your current setup.

#menu-item-4079 {
    margin-left: 30%;

Ad both code snippets to Theme Options - Other - Custom CSS

Thanks for your reply! It worked.

  1. Yes, I figured I should change number of menuID, but couldn’t find out how. Would you tell me how you find the number “4079”?

  2. Also… although it looks good on my laptop, the menu isn’t centered on iPad. Is it anyway to set the menu perfectly centered on all devices?

Thank you

  1. Use Google Chrome built-in Developer Tools to find our ID/Class or each element. Right click on any element on your website and the “Inspect Element”. Developer Tools will open a new widows and there you will see class or ID for element you selected.

  2. Don’t be creative with your coding and use my above given code instead. You set pixel value which will not adjust to a smaller screen. I am using percent value on my example which will adjust automatically to any screen. It will always be 30% from the left side or any other value you decide to use.